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We describe our services as Profitability Engineering, but our interactions are rarely profit focused.  Profit is just the end result of a comfortable, creative and enjoyable process.  We begin with the most sophisticated and in-depth analysis available in the industry.  Better decisions come from better understanding.  Unlike consultants, Pierce CFO does intensive research to gain a real understanding of your business, philosophy, long-term plans and aspirations.  Our analysis will uncover opportunities in every facet of your company as well as lay the groundwork for our easy to use financial systems.

Pierce CFO'S Analysis Includes:

Reviewing and Reports

Smart reporting is the key to effective management.  Pierce CFO condenses your information down to a few quick and valuable management focused reports.  Whenever possible, we design systems that enable you to generate these reports in house and train management to use them productively.  We constantly review your management reports to find new opportunities and spur ideas.  

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Profitability, strategy and merchandising decisions can't be outsourced to suppliers or consultants.  These are vital decisions that require a complete understanding of a business' long-term financial needs and a comprehensive approach to overall profitability.  Our partnership approach provides us the framework to design innovative custom solutions that take into account your business plan, employees, philosophy, retirement and personal needs.

Pierce CFO provides a creative independent perspective and fosters an atmosphere of increased employee interaction and ideas.  Our partnerships provide a constant flow of ideas that improve every level of an organization.  While Pierce CFO has decades of financial management and business management experience, we still view service from the perspective of a customer.  Our focus is always on making things easier for your customer and improving their overall experience.

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This is where a partnership really shows its value over a consultant.  Few business owners receive more than generic advice and reports from expensive consultants who have no stake in the outcome. Most of the real challenges occur during implementation when the consultants are nowhere to be found.  What businesses really need is the focus, tools, support, manpower and expertise to accomplish their goals.  When change becomes easier, businesses become more profitable.

Pierce CFO acts as a catalyst to keep an organization focused and moving forward with its business plan.  We provide logistical support, management oversight, graphic design, mentoring and merchandising.  Even great advice only has value if it is implemented.  Pierce CFO puts in the hard work to make our partners' businesses the most profitable and well-run in their industry.

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