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All business valuations are not created equal

Don’t trust your valuation to a consultant or someone who doesn’t understand the industry… Use the experts!

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pierce cfo can help

pierce cfo can help


A business valuation is the essential starting point for the succession planning process.  It is only after you understand the value of your business and its relationship to the value of your real estate that you can begin to plan for a successful transfer of your business.  Understanding the value of your business is important to the following;

All business valuations are not created equal.  A business valuation, when viewed from the perspective of a succession plan for example must be responsive to its purposes or it will be misleading and possibly damaging.  Pierce CFO brings decades of valuation experience and an understanding of estate and income tax concepts that make our business valuations more useful to you.  (See our resources page for articles on the valuation process.)

Pierce CFO brings unparalleled experience to the valuation process.  We are the choice for people who need a serious business valuation to aid in the decision making process.

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